First Spin


05/01/2013      First Spin.

In a week where we said a final goodbye to Pat Connaughton..the year spluttered to an end, full of snots and coughs and early evening pints, in a packed to the rafters Redmonds. Just like old times. Full of actors and dreamers, a final farewell. Still a sadness prevailed. Pat who awoke in me a creativity that otherwise may have lain dormant. If it wasn’t for his gentle probing. I will miss him so.

And this morning on the verge of turning 52, on the cusp of my greatest year, I lift down my Trek, damp cloth road dirt from her frame, add pressure to her wheels, fill the water bottle, set the lights, and rise at 8am on mild mannered morning, that fools the thrush into thinking its spring, as he greets the late dawn. Liam my early morning cycling companion, for many years now, waits on Bunclody square…Awaits, my planned route, our years targets. Me, Edinburgh London and Tri Athy…Liam a veteran of long distance journeys, contemplates John of Groats to Landsend…a fourteen day challange.

So on this first Saturday of a brand new year, we head of out of Bunclody to Carlow and an 80k flat spin, picking up Lorraine on her comeback spin post surgery. Easy in one another’s company, the wind to our backs and the thought of a breakfast on Toughers on the old Dublin road….we kick of the new year..


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