2013 dont stand still….diary of an aging cyclist


2013 Don’t Stand Still.
Diary of an aging cyclist.


New Years Day….

One of these days I will wake up sick and find myself sitting in some consultation room, waiting, all my life waiting, Waiting on a diagnosis and the news of a tumour sitting some where, blocking something or other, jammed up against a nerve, slowing me down, making me stupid, causing me to dribble, and talk through me arse….marking the beginning of the end. And regardless of the positive twist of “treatable” operable quality of life shite” that the consultant will put on it..I will know, that this is the beginning of my end….
And when that day comes, of me, sitting, waiting, flicking through back issues of National Geographic, knowing….with time now to reflect. I want to look back on a life with few regrets. Even now today, on the eve of turning 52, with two more Christmases to work before I retire…tugging at an imaginary bucket list, that I can never quiet tie down or commit too. If today was that day, in that consultation room, I know I could leave this earth with few regrets, I can look back at a life well lived, full of happy memories…..but what is it that nags at the back of my mind, since turning fifty….I want to cycle a great distance, I want to lose my self alone on country roads, to dream, to reflect, to see, but most of all to cycle…..free….I want to spend time alone.
And that is why I’m here now, this moment starting this blog, to commit myself, to cycling Edinburgh to London, 450 miles…..in the hope that it will push me on to greater challenges John of Groats to Landsend….and further afield….
I know, to seasoned Audax cyclists, 450 miles is nothing, but to the ordinary joe soap Sunday cyclist it’s a challenge….So here goes, Edinburgh London, first week in May four months to get myself in shape…And now that I’ve committed myself to a blog, there’s no going back.


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