NAA’S 3…….


Wake up to a drowned world. The river Slaney breaches its banks, the bridge meadow flooded and golf club greens turn into ponds… How easy it would be to stay wrapped up, warm and snug, just for another while. Slip in and out of broken dreams. Listen to the outside world and the Song Thrushes song, tries to convince the world  that spring is actually here!

Every thing now focuses on Edinburgh in May. Tomorrows Naas Duathlon the third in the series, almost a distraction. I now need bike miles in my legs and a saddled hardened arse. With days now running out, I throw out a random early morning text 20k short and sharp, 10am on the square…And in an instant Lorraine and Ciara are back with a, yes. So there goes my last excuse for a Saturday morning sleep of broken dreams. Mike politely declines, saving brownie points for a guilt free Duathlon tomorrow..such is life.

The back road to Clonegal is awash with the run off from rain soaked fields Making the road surface slippy and ensuring that tomorrows road leg will be steady and cautious. Cormorants sit high on the river banks, wings fanned out drying, Lorraine asks “Are we on a nature trail or a cycle…” Very quickly I clock up my 20k stretching out tired Barcelona leg. Lorraine and Caira opt to push on another 25k or more to fill the morning, but I’m done for the day. Tomorrow Naas….

Liam was right, Duathlons in March are the height of madness so they are….But still there we were, me Mike, Frank, John and Dena, once more lining up for Naas number 3….With a wind chill seeping through our layers and freezing us to the core. There was no keeping warm, as we jogged around setting up in Transition, fuelling up on jaffa cakes, and warming up on Franks Hot tea…aaah. Where else would you want to be on a Sunday in March. (by a fkin log fire and a TV that’s where I really wanted to be, right now).

Each race has been a learning curve..Race 1, I learnt wrap up stay warm, Race 2,  Treacy can bake a mean energy bar(apparently) and you only see Dena at the start, after that she’s gone like a bat out of hell. Race 3, Don’t tell the lads that your travelling with anything… of substance, because the slagging can be unmerciful….It started when I revealed that I had purchased a wetsuit, and that was that, the fact that I had no knowledge of the brand or the size, only the fact that it was black, they killed me, the fact that all tri wetsuits are black,,,,,,… how was I to know…”and you’ve seriously intend doing tri athy in june…jaysus…

But all the slagging ended as we lined up and took off, glad for once to be in my usual back of the pack position. Mike John and  Dena clocked great times on the run, but the road belonged to Frank, and that was the difference at the end off the day. Frank reckoned had I worn me black wet suit, Id have clocked a better time…But on a day that your snot froze, we didn’t hang around too long, packed up headed for home..and that log fire and warm shower…. Feeling good about ourselves and our lives .And in a year where Ive clocked four duathlons two 10ks and Edinburgh 700k just weeks away, with plans in my head for four weeks of evening cycles, building up the legs and a saddle arse for my grand Edinburgh adventure…. Life just couldn’t be better..

Now if only Spring would kick in


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