Darkness on the edge of town……….edinburgh 01/05/13



It started the minute I turned the key in the back door. The family dog barely raised  his head to acknowledge my departure. In the next life I want to come back as that dog, because he really has the life.. The silent sleeping world on the  verge of dawn, starry starry night begins to fade, dominated by a jaffa cake half moon.

With Springsteens Darkness on the edge of town playing I quietly slip out of Bunclody for the beginning of my grand midlife adventure.


Dublin Airports terminal 2 was a dream to pass through so early in the morning, no ques, no chaos and smiling staff..and yet my heart skips a beat as I watch my cardboard boxed bike slip gently down the converbelt in pursuit of a four stone suit case…


Edinburgh, four seasons in one day, four seasons in one hour. Me and Orla killing time, easy in one another’s company. Orla who now at 21 years of age, as a child wore a baseball cap the wrong way around, could flick a ball non stop on her toe, played soccer for Wexford youths, parachuted from an plane, surfed the Atlantic, snowboarded the alps, climbed Snowdon in Doc Martins, and Grayhounded it across the states from Missouri to Cleveland and on to Toronto. Who has blogged and reblogged, published a magazine, interviewed National Geographic’s adventurer of the year, battled the teenage deamons of braces and acne..and each time she gets knocked down she bounces back with a lust for life and living…Orla who made we walk the walk at 52, loving each others company walking the ancient streets of Edinburgh, catching up, bitching small town life, spending money and laughing..already my trip is a success.


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