This time last year……….


This time last year,
We were in Baltinglass as part of our club day out…
This time last year,
We cycled in a fragmented peloton, in small huddled groups, not really sure what we were about..
This time last year
Martin punctured out, and we zipped by, Lorraine with a car full of kids pulls in to help out…
This time last year,
We got drunk over night and came home with silent stories..
This time last year
The forum was filled with gentle nagging, that we didn’t cycle as a club. that some people treated it as a race….
This time last year,
The complaint was taking on board, with the promise that
This time next year,
We’ll do our own club day out, plan our own cycle, and pull it all together…

This time next year!!!!
Who would have seen it coming!!!
This time next year!!!…
This time next month!!
This time next week……………..

How our world has changed.

And instead this time next week we will line up and embark on fulfilling Martins Grand honour of our club mate..and friend Martin….

This time next year…..

Life is just to dam short…

To stand still…



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