It wasn’t meant to end like this, the morning after the Tour de Frank..standing here looking out the kitchen window, a thousand chores lining up. the grass needing cutting; the hedge needing trimming, and the whimpering dog needing to be let out for a piss.

Everything is everything…and life goes on.  

 The Blog took on a life of its own, after Martin died…It was originally meant to be a light hearted diary keeping track of me and my Saturday morning cycling buddie’s, as I tried to get in shape to cycle Edinburgh London..In my head it was to finish as I swept triumphantly into London, with a big happy head and a sore arse….But alas, Martin tripped me up, tripped us all in 795 up.

 The Tour de Frank took hold and I picked that as a fitting the end of the blog…In the end the blog became a record of a cycling year in a broken hearted club….But alas in a broken hearted year, where a club could have fallen to pieces. Instead it reawakened in us a sense of belonging

…In a year where Don, PJ Fintan and Frank, qualified for Tri London and the buzz of wearing the Irish Jersey…In a year where Dave Conway and his fellow Mountain bikers hauled 120 competitors along rugged trails of the Blackstairs Mountains…


In a year where James Bodels returned, rekindled the Rubberman…doing what James does best, bringing novices along, encouraging pushing. and awaking in them a sense of achievement…

 In a year where some of us fulfilled personal dreams. Liam, cycling Landsend to John o Groats, Me Edinburgh to London and Jim and Barry cycling the Wicklow Way in an amazing day

In a year when Lorraine finally learnt to fix a puncture, In a year where Orla O’Leary sprinkled fairy dust in our company and made us all feel good about ourselves, Where Traceys Marathon dream fumbled on a kerbside, where her homemade energy bars fuelled us over the mile high climbs, and in a year when Joy returned to do us proud in the Limerick marathon, where Dena finally wins her first Triathlon dream’s fulfilled. In a year where Helen, Yvonne and Caroline decided that if you cant beat them, join them..and started running.


 In a year where Fintan inspires eight others to sign up for an Ironman in Belgium, where Mike saved a life, where Rudolf made his comeback, where Peter, became a Warrior of the Sea, where Shaugh’s and Tom continued to blaze a running trail..where Raging Bill and the Beastie Boys got bate up in the beast of thee east, , where Lou became our best new comer, and where the Blackstairs Adventure Race separated the men from the boys.  And in a year that we helped  fulfill Martins Grand Plan…and did him proud

And in a year the club finally cycled together as a club and drank coffee and lunched on poached eggs and French toast and laughed and shared cycling moments together.

In a year where so much was lost, and yet so much achieved. Yes, everything is everything, and life goes on and  Martin will never be forgotten, where ever the Racing 795 jersey is worn… he will never be far from our thoughts.


So here’s to tomorrow and the next day and the next day after that. Here’s to a thousand cycling miles, a thousand Mountain bike days, here’s to Triathlons, and Marathons and Ironmans, and meeting on the Square, here’s to 795 and the years ahead….and here’s to Martin and his legacy and the life he lived…and the memories he left us with.

Here’s to life…..



4 thoughts on “EVERYTHING IS EVERYTHING…….(the last post)

  1. Amazing words Niall thanks for sharing. I am am sitting on my couch in Wales thinking of James and his encouraging words to make me cycle 100 miles in a day and Martin the cousin I did not get to cycle with since we were kids . thank you

  2. Niall, thanks for articulating what many of us could not. As PJ said earlier this year, it’s good to talk, and you definitely got people talking. This blog may be ending but I suspect (hope) we’ll hear from you again. Looking forward to the next chapter, whenever.

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